Astro Turf & Landscaping

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No maintenance    No mud    No worries

You can add value to your home by improving the aesthetics of your garden with artificial grass. Modern astro turf and synthetic outdoor flooring is so advanced that  artificial lawns look virtually indistinguishable from grass when viewed from any distance. Take a look at our gallery to see for yourself

Ideal For any size area, Residential or commercial. Particulary beneficial for:

• The elderly or disabled

• Second homes/Rental Properties 
• Awkward hard to get to areas

Difficult Areas 2

It is suitable for: 

• Domestic Gardens 
• Swimming pools
• Hot Tubs
• Play areas
• Seating areas

Difficult Areas

The benefits of Astro Turf:

• Green all year round
• Maintenance free
• Child and pet friendly
• Self draining

Say goodbye to:

• Mowing
• Weeding and watering
• Muddy footprints

Astro Turf will reduce:

• Hay Fever
• Ecological pollution
• Pesky Insects

You will save on:

• Weed killers
• Water
• Petrol/electric

But most importantly Your time!

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